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Education and Experience       

Jeffrey Chilton holds a B.M. in Music Education with a Jazz Concentration from the Ithaca College School of Music. There he took numerous courses in brass pedagogy and the different brass instruments as well as courses in improvisation, arranging, and jazz/classical theory. Chilton has taught private and group lessons at the Owego Apalachin High School and the South Hill Elementary School during his student teaching experiences. He has been praised for his creativity in curriculum design at these locations as well as the Exploration Summer Programs at Wellesley College where he designed and taught a Garage Band and a Non-traditional percussion course.


In Portland, he works closely with Beaumont Middle School students starting beginning brass students and giving young players the building blocks of jazz improvisation. At the high school level Chilton instructs private students in advanced jazz topics creating opportunities for them to sit in and perform at authentic gigs around PDX. He also coaches classical and jazz sectionals as well as a summer brass band.


My instruction focuses on developing students' proficiency but more importantly it focuses on developing students' artistry. Music is a powerful means to teach creativity, communication, and teamwork. Every musician has a unique voice which can be nurtured through exposure to great artists, communal music making, and diligent practice. One of the most important aspects of my teaching is giving students a working musicians perspective. I do this by having them play multiple styles of music, sit in on gigs in PDX, and perform for audiences outside of school.

Topics of Instruction        

Students may choose to focus on one area of study or take lessons progressively in all topics.

Brass Instruments

Instruments: trumpet, trombone, french horn, and tuba


Learn to sing through your horn with quality instruction that makes learning technique musical and fun. Lessons develop students' proficiency through classical, pop, and jazz literature.


Instruments: all


Improvisation lessons help give students the knowledge and confidence to play spontaneously in any setting/style. Lessons focus on ear training, contextual understanding through listening, and theory.


Instruments: all


Learn to write for rhythm section, horns, and vocals in the styles of your choosing. Lessons expose students to arranging textures and techniques and instruct students on common notational and theoretical practice.

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