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 Jay Si Proof ft. David Barber      

Jay Si Proof is trombonist and band leader Jeff Chilton's quintet. Featuring instrumentalists of PDX's hip-hop, neo-soul, and funk scene, the ensemble improvises on a mix of original lo-fi beats in the style of Nujabes, modern hip-hop grooves inspired by J Dilla and Anderson .Paak, and funk classics a la Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker.

David Barber is a PDX vocal improvisor crafting evocative poetry in real time over the grooves of the band. Barber draws musical inspiration from jazz greats such as Ornette Coleman and hip hop legend Common.

The band performs regularly in the PDX area and has been described as exciting, accessible, and sophisticated.

 cropped jay si.png

"Jay" for the initial of Jeff. "Si" for both the initial of Chilton and for honoring his mother. Her maiden name is Stewart and she is of Belgian heritage. In french Si means if, a beautiful word with endless possibilities.

"Proof" for both of its connotations: alcoholic strength and showing evidence for something; in this case, the perseverance of musicians to gather, celebrate, and play music they love.


Forays into trombone and voice centered beats and production.

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