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Talent Booking

Booking live performances of all types. Let us know your needs and we will match an amazing original music band to the event.


For all booking inquiries please contact


Jay Si Proof

In 2016 Jeff Chilton packed his trombone and guitar onto an Amtrak train out of Ithaca, NY to move west in search of a home and a band. Three years later Jay Si Proof was born in 2019 from the funky jazz soaked dirt of Portland, OR bringing their “silly and euphoric vibe” (Portland Mercury) up and down the west coast. Described as "earth jazz alchemists" by Vortex Magazine, the band is a true DIY project with 2 self produced EPs, an album, and a performance history including the Skyview Jazz Festival, McMenamin’s UFO Festival, Mojo Family Fest, and the Bend Falls Fest, and the Corvallis Falls Fest.

Jay Si Proof is led by Jeff Chilton (trombone and vocals) and joined by Lucas James (drums and vocals) JD Erickson (sax and flute), and Corey Heppner (guitar).

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Bodhi Mojo

Bodhi Mojo is a psychedelic, five-piece jam band rooted in the good feels. Characterized by mind-bending jams and heartfelt songwriting, they never play the same show twice and leave you yearning for more.

The Band formed in 2019, and made a splash on the PNW music scene. Focusing on DIY festivals/shows, Bodhi quickly grew a wide following throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The latest pursuits include releasing a full length album 'Midnight Dojo' in July and hosting their own Mojo Family Festival. There's so much to take in from this group as they continue to rise up in the scene; be sure to stay tuned on Instagram, Spotify and Bandcamp!

You can find Bodhi Mojo playing throughout the Pacific Northwest at venues and festivals - they call Portland, OR their home.


Left on Tenth

Left on Tenth is group of friends who started playing music together on 10th Ave. in Bozeman, MT in 2016. They share a passion for playing live music and creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. Their music manifests itself into a variety of genres from funky groves, to hard driving rock, to reggae inspired tunes, to slower sensual ballads. Since nothing is off the table every Left on Tenth show is a little different, but always guaranteed to be a blast for those in the crowd as well as on the stage.

Brass Cats

Originating as a summer workshop for High Schoolers, the Brass Cats has evolved into Portland's own multigenerational brass band. Performing at parades and venues around the city, the Brass Cats bring the funk in the style of a New Orleans brass band.

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Super Secret Band

In the late 2010’s rumors of Super Secret Band began to grow around Portland Oregon. In recent months these rumors have been growing faster across the greater pacific northwest of a secret funky spacey festival band with rock fangs, jazz horns, and a powerful rhythm section. A band so super and so secret that not even the band members can acknowledge the band’s  existence. Concert goers claim Super Secret Band insists that no one should tell anyone about the band, unless of course they were doing so to tell people not to tell anyone else about the band. 

In September 2021 The band released the single “Never Odd Or Even” as an NFT featuring the artwork of Portland based NFT artist Pop Wonder. This single was later released to streaming platforms worldwide via Dutch Records and is the title track of the band’s upcoming new EP Never Odd or Even. 

According to anonymous eyewitness testimony Super Secret Band headlined small festivals across the northwest in 2022 and is rumored to continue sharing Super Secrets with those willing to seek them out.. The sound ranges from Rock, to Jam, to Dark Jazz, to blues, to Funk, to Ambient sections that space all the way out before converging into funky slap bass driven experiences. The band’s instrumental funky rock core highlights improvisational expression from a rotating cast of guest musicians creating a different Super Secret Experience each time.

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